Microsoft Office Assistants

The NerdBird Office Assistant for Office 2000

The NerdBird Office Assistant is a freeware assistant for Office 2000. I made it as part of my final thesis, and instead of just letting it collect dust in a remote corner afterwards, I decided to release it here for download. Basically, everybody may use it, but please read the instructions before downloading it.

Microsoft Office Assistant short FAQ

Can be found here

Office 97 assistants

If you're looking for new assistants for Office 97 or are in general looking for information on them, I encourage you to take a look at my page on Controlling The Assistants in Microsoft Office 97. There are links to the Microsoft download site (the only one I could find) and how to program them.

Office 2000 assistants

Similar to the section on Office 97 assistants, I intend to make one about Office 2000 assistants. It's not ready yet, but stay tuned. Much of the info in the Office 97 section will be correct for Office 2000 as well (there's actually a small note about Office 2000 on that page as well until there's a fully-fledged Office 2000 page available).

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